Application Process

High School Transfer Applicants

Admissions Process for Prospective Transfer Students

  1. Submit an inquiry form to create a St. Elizabeth onCampus account.
  2. Join us for a Viking for a Day visit or attend our Open House.
  3. Complete an application online using your onCampus account or print, complete and deliver a hard copy to St. Elizabeth School.
  4. Submit all necessary documents and application fee along with your child's application. A list of required documents can be found on your online application checklist.
  5. If interested in applying for financial aid, find out more information on our Fincancial Aid and Tuition webpage, or apply directly here
Please be advised that admission is subject to the following provisions:
a. suitable courses must be available;
b. the student must have attained the minimum academic level required by St. Elizabeth;
c. the student must have a good attendance and disciplinary record