2018 Boys Basketball State Champions

The Viking Men entered the 2017-2018 season as underdogs who were never supposed to make it past the 2nd round of the state tournament. They finished the season by bringing home the first
DIAA Boys State Championship Title in school history.

Our Road to Victory

St. Elizabeth may be a small, catholic school but we are mighty. Ranked #9 and labeled the underdogs headed into the state tournament, the Vikings embraced the name. The team believed in themselves and each other. By sticking to their defensive plan and playing together unselfishly as a team, they defeated higher ranked opponents one by one and advanced all the way to the DIAA Boys State Championship for the first time ever in school history. Sticking with the underdog mindset of "we have nothing to lose", the team played with discipline, determination and class as they earned a championship victory by defeating Smyrna High School, the 2017 defending state champions.

Congratulations to the team, the coaching staff and student managers on an incredible season. Many thanks to our VKNation for supporting the Vikings throughout the season, the Maroon & Gold Spirit was shining bright on Saturday, March 10, 2018. 

2,432 fans were in attendance for the Vikings' first ever boys basketball state championship appearance.

1st Round DIAA Tournament: St. Elizabeth 61, Newark High School 56
2nd Round DIAA Tournament: St. Elizabeth 40, St. George's Tech High School 39
DIAA Quarterfinals: St. Elizabeth 66, Glasgow High School 49
DIAA Semi-Finals: St. Elizabeth 57, Caravel Academy 41
DIAA State Championship: St. Elizabeth 60, Smyrna High School 49

-Head Coach, Matt Rubicam

"We were the underdogs going in. Nobody expected us to do anything this season."
Many thanks to Kristina Gwynn Photography for providing us with memories to last a lifetime.
    • 2018 DIAA Boys State Basketball Championship