Sherry Dorsey-Walker, Guest Speaker at MLK Celebration

Sherry joined our Upper School students to share a reflection on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at our morning assembly, Jan. 16th, 2018.
Ms. Dorsey-Walker was born and raised in Wilmington, within a few blocks of St. Elizabeth. She is an alumnus of both St. Elizabeth Elementary and St. Elizabeth High School – all 12 years, graduating from the high school in 1992.

She earned a Masters in Film Productions from Howard University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware in English/Journalism. She was the Editor of the UD Review during her time there. In 2001, she established SWAP Productions LLC, an independent film production company. SWAP is an acronym for Sisters With A Purpose. Ms. Dorsey-Walker believes that her purpose in life is to educate, entertain and enlighten through her films, while working to change the landscape of the political scene in Delaware. For this reason, she conceptualized “Justice For All: The Documentary.”

As a former City Councilwoman, Ms. Dorsey Walker established an Adopt-a-Block initiative, to help restore pride in the community on the West Side of Wilmington. In the recent election, she ran for Lieutenant Governor and lost in a very close race. However, her activism and desire to make a difference in Wilmington and the State continues.

Ms. Dorsey-Walker has received many accolades throughout her career, including the Catalyst for Change Award, Delaware Tech Woman of the Year, and the Martin Luther King Community Service Award from Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

Most recently, she received  the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award. The Baltimore Division honors Councilwoman Sherry Dorsey Walker of Wilmington, Delaware’s 6th District for her work as an advocate for adolescents in the community. She serves as a liaison between schools and parents, assists young people with community services, facilitates classes for adjudicated youth, and represents juveniles in court. She also has established a basketball league promoting self-confidence and leadership skills and a program providing extra-lighting in high crime areas.

In a ceremony at FBI Headquarters on April 28, 2017, Director James B. Comey recognized the recipients of the 2016 Director’s Community Leadership Award. These leaders, selected by their area FBI field office, have demonstrated outstanding contributions to their local communities through service. The FBI is grateful for the work of each of these individuals and organizations on behalf of their communities.

“This year’s honorees have distinguished themselves in remarkable ways through their hard work, their leadership, and their strength of character," said Director Comey. “Time and again, today's award recipients have put others before themselves.”