Moving the Classroom Outdoors

Our teachers are taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather and moving their classrooms outside for a mask break!
Children are learning everywhere and all the time, so why not change the daily structure a bit and bring the learning outdoors a few times a week? 

Mrs. Nottingham's super second graders create sit-upons for when they take learning outdoors. Sit-upons are a long-time Girl Scout tradition, the perfect homemade cushion to take on the go to ensure you always have a dry spot to sit!

Mrs. Schulke and her 5th grade ELA students enjoy their lessons on the lawn. What better way to enjoy the fresh air, while taking a mask break and focusing on your studies?

Ms. Parks takes her Digital Art class out into the surrounding community to capture the beauty of nature. Challenged to find subjects that focus on the areas of basic photography, our students can work in groups in a safe, outdoor environment.