Continued Growth for the Performing Arts Program

We are thrilled to announce that we are one of the recipient schools of the 2020-2021 Anthony Penna Charitable Fund Grant!

This grant, awarded in memory of Anthony Penna and his friend Walter deBruin, allows us to put on a lower school musical production.

"The Lower School Musical offers students the opportunity to experience the amazing affect theatre can have on our school community and on themselves! So many students, who would normally seem shy and introverted, have been transformed into vibrant, confident, and outgoing individuals as they encountered the positive power of theatre for the first time. In just two years, this has become a staple event for the lower school, drawing from almost half of the student population. This is a tradition we plan to see grow more and more every year!" - Mr. Jeff Dietzler, Director of Performing Arts

Thank you to the Anthony Penna Charitable Fund for graciously providing us with this opportunity to continue to grow our lower school performing arts program. Introducing the arts at a young age allows our Vikings to pursue their passions and expand their overall educational experience during their time at St. E!