Benedictine Pillars Recognition

Each month we celebrate students and faculty who represent 4 Benedictine Pillars at St. E: Stability, Hospitality, Service & Humility, and Prayer & Work.
Hospitality – Faculty, Ariana Ciamaricone
Nomination from a teacher for a teacher: This teacher was the first staff member that embraced me as a new addition to St. Elizabeth's staff.  She welcomed me and provided me a great deal of knowledge about St. Elizabeth's in the time leading up to my first official day in the building. She answered all my questions with compassion and patience; she helped quell so many anxieties about the start of the school year. She freely gave her knowledge and experience to m, and embraced me with open arms and made me feel truly welcome.
For embodying the open arms and bounty of our community – this Benedictine Pillar is presented to Ms. Ariana Ciamaricone.

Service and Humility -  Juniors, Jodee & Kaycee Rigor
In their understated & unassuming way, these siblings seem to always have their arms full of gifts for others. In the recent food drive, they each contributed fully and generously to their homeroom's gathering. When homeroom projects are on the table, they are at the center of it, whether it is decorating doors or making blankets for the homeless. Whether it is birthdays or holidays, they mark it with gift bags in hand for friends & classmates, but it is their quiet, giving spirit that is their greatest gift to others. For clearly embracing authentic humility in their service to others this Benedictine Pillar is presented to Jodee and Kaycee Rigor.
Work and Prayer - Freshman, India Nicholls
Spirit Week 2020 was pulled together on the shoulders of our Student Leadership. All the planning and communication had to be accomplished within a short period of time. At one meeting, our homeroom representatives were presented with the details and asked to demonstrate how they would relay all the information to their classmates. Without hesitation, this young freshman Viking stepped up to the challenge – the first to volunteer - amidst her peers and upperclassmen. She presented the information in a clear and thorough manner. She was a standout leader in our Student Leadership Group meeting and for her homeroom.  For demonstrating that everything we do, whether in the classroom, or at a club activity, is work for God’s greater glory, we present this Benedictine Pillar to India Nicholls.
Stability – Senior, Andrew Spychalski
This young man is a legacy at St. E following his two older brothers through our school.  He is a quiet leader  - constantly setting an example for his peers in his work ethic, positive attitude, and ability to adjust and work with his teachers and community, whether keeping in old traditions or embracing new ones.  A member of the NHS and football and basketball teams, he can always be called upon to be a force behind the scenes.  For embodying commitment to the school community through dedicated participation, this Benedictine Pillar is presented to Andrew Spychalski.