Benedictine Pillars Recognition

We celebrate students and faculty who represent 4 Benedictine Pillars at St. E: Stability, Hospitality, Service & Humility, and Prayer & Work.
Hospitality – Junior, Noah Baker
In his daily routine, this Viking stops at the corner store near his home, on his way into school. One morning, he encountered a man who was sick and in distress. This Viking put his own needs aside and notified the authorities to get help for this man, and then proceeded to wait with him until help arrived. Afterward, he proceeded quickly on foot to school, so as not to be late. For embodying the very heart of Benedictine hospitality, especially showing Christlike love to those in need, this Benedictine Pillar is presented to Noah Baker.

Service and Humility -  Sophomore, Kyle Warner
This student has shared their servant's heart and attitude with and in all events, clubs, and activities this semester at St. E's. He has led tours of our BPAC space with Shadows and Ambassadors, is always willing to help others work the stage, building, moving chairs, and doing his best to look out for his peers. A recent example includes his active awareness about one of his St. E band mates' instrument being "played with" by strangers. After removing the instrument from the strangers hands kindly, Kyle continued to clean and disinfect the instrument and its case then tell the peer about the incident with such grace. He is always listening, volunteering, and always doing it all in a great humble spirit and overwhelming gentleness. The Benedictine Pillar of Service and Humility is presented to Kyle Warner.
Work and Prayer - Senior, Ally Miller-Corbett
Our Benedictine spirit is often summarized in the motto, “prayer and work.” This motto stresses the importance of unity in life; it holds prayer and work together as a single set of connected virtues. The honeybees in the hive work constantly for the good of the community, and their product is all the sweeter because of their devotion. Everything that we do, whether in the classroom, in athletic competition, in the hallways or in the Church, is work for God’s greater glory. This virtue recognizes that God continues to work where we work. At our open house, after being here for hours on Sat. to set up. This student came to the activities room and set up a spot for American Sign Language at the activity tables. One of our visitors came into the room with an interpreter for his Mom. When they got to the ASL table it was glorious to watch this student sign to the Mom and student. All that we do at St. E gives glory to God and this student combined grace, understanding, and spirit to make their work and act of prayer. The Benedictine Pillar of Prayer and Work is presented to Ally Miller-Corbett
Stability – Junior, Bridgette Rivers
This recognition upholds the Benedictine virtue of commitment to this community – to our people, our history, and our traditions. This commitment is embodied through dedicated participation in our common life, prayer, service, and activities. Stability is balanced by our openness to God’s call to change and grow. This individual embodies the bricks and mortar of our community and the teacher who nominated them described this student as “a true example of what our community embodies.” The Benedictine Pillar of Stability is presented to Bridgette Rivers.