Jared Mahotiere Named Student of the Week

Little things make a huge impact, and what you do when you don’t think anyone is around to see it shows your character.
This week’s student of the week is being recognized for showing Viking Pride and Benedictine Hospitality in a moment when they had nothing to gain from it. One of the biggest things that helps students decide to come to St. E is our Viking for a Day shadow program. Recently, a parent was dropping their student off to shadow and ended up parked in the wrong place. She was running late for work and got out of the car to ask for help. Jared was at hand and, after politely introducing himself, offered to take the visiting student inside and get them where they needed to be. Later, when the parent returned to pick up their student they specifically made mention of Jared and his helpfulness. This past weekend, that shadow student took the HSPT here with us at St. E, indicating that this is their first choice school, and their family has begun the application process to join the VKNation next year. For showing hospitality, maturity, a willingness to help others, and a heavy dose of Viking Pride, we recognize this week’s student of the week, Jared Mahotiere.