Benedictine Pillars Recognition

We celebrate students and faculty who represent 4 Benedictine Pillars at St. E: Stability, Hospitality, Service & Humility, and Prayer & Work.
Stability – Senior, Kate Maguire & Junior, Carl Taylor
This student is a true embodiment of stability at St. Elizabeth. She leads her class in service hours and leads with many different activities at St. Elizabeth, including Vikings in Action, NHS, and SLG. She can be seen at almost any school event, and they always have a smile on their face. The very model of devotion to the traditions and commitments of our community, her efforts, energy, and consistent calmness in the face of pressure, is emblematic of the strong foundations of our Benedictine spirit. For embodying the very heart of Benedictine hospitality and demonstrating the bricks and mortar of St. E's supporting community, the Benedictine Pillar is presented to Kate Maguire.

The Stability pillar represents commitment to this community, and is about doing the small things and doing them without prompting, without complaint, and without want of praise.  This student is constantly looking for ways that they can help teachers, classmates, and the community. Whether it's resetting desks in the MILL, handing out papers during class, encouraging classmates, or cleaning up the gym after a game, he is always lending a helping hand. And he does it with a smile and contagious laughter.  He is always putting others’ needs first, willing to donate time, effort, or anything else they can to make sure others are OK. Friends have described him as kind, generous, and respectful to everyone. We talk about St. E’s being a family and this student is one of the reasons why. For embodying the very heart of Benedictine hospitality and demonstrating the bricks and mortar of St. E's supporting community, the Benedictine Pillar is presented to Carl Taylor.

Hospitality – Junior, Ramier "DJ" Wescott
Inviting new people to join our St. Elizabeth community is both a necessary activity for growth and a true hallmark of our Benedictine devotion to radical hospitality. The words we pray to close each Thursday, “Welcome all as you would Christ himself,’ are not just statement of faith – they are a way of life. This Viking embodies with depth and authenticity the very best example of our Benedictine hospitality. Whether that is greeting everyone in our halls, cheering their peers on in athletic competition, or passionately welcoming new Vikings at our admissions events, this Viking lives radical hospitality. In his actions, not only does he recognize Christ in others, but he makes Christ present to everyone he encounters. For the Benedictine pillar of hospitality, we recognize junior, Ramier "DJ" Wescott.

Service and Humility -  Senior, Lily Kate Landis
Acts of service done in silence and without fanfare are a hallmark of the Christian Beatitudes. This Viking embodies each of the Beatitudes in her daily actions, with an authentic attitude of humility. She places the needs of others before her own, placing herself at the service of the community, and treating everyone with equity and justice. This student’s acts of service in this community are often performed without notice, however they continually bring greater glory to God. The Benedictine Pillar of Service and Humility is presented to Lily Kate Landis.
Work and Prayer - Juniors, Salvacion Barrett & Imonee Dacres
For this Benedictine Pillar we have two students being recognized together for shared work on behalf of the school. The heart of our Benedictine spirituality is the desire to find a balance in our life between prayerful devotion and the work that must be performed to bring about growth and progress. The balance is achieved when we embrace every opportunity, every action, and every moment as something that can bring greater glory to God. These two Vikings identified a real need among the student body for a change in the comfort and affordability of our school uniform. They assisted with researching options and continue to promote the changes that will come with our switch over to a new uniform company. For their hard work and the continued joy they bring to the ordinary moments of our communal life, the Benedictine pillar of Prayer and Work, is awarded to juniors Salvacion Barrett & Imonee Dacres.