Maroon & Gold Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to our Maroon & Gold Athletes of the Week, Quasim Benson & Alyssa Pope.
Maroon & Gold Athlete of the Week - Junior, Quasim Benson
Our Maroon and Gold Athlete of the Week has been a consistent force and example of hard work during the first few weeks of the track season. Within the first three meets, he set a new school record twice in long jump and continues to improve on that record as the season progresses. His long jump record currently stands at 20’ 8”, besting the previous record by 6”. He is also a member of the 4X400 team which set a new school record, shattering the previous mark by 8 seconds. 
We hope to see greater accomplishments from our track team, and our Maroon and Gold Athlete will certainly be a part of that success. Please join us in saluting our Maroon and Gold Athlete of the Week, Junior Quasim Benson.

Maroon & Gold Athlete of the Week - Junior, Alyssa Pope
We are in the very early stages of the spring sports season which presents coaches with opportunities to try various roster combinations, implement new plays, and brush up on technical skills for their sport. There are other factors that teams have to endure or overcome as well between the elements and injuries. One of our teams faced an injury that looked initially like it could take the player out for a good portion of
the season. However, that player was medically cleared for her to return to the pitch. In her first game of the season and following her return, she faced a very strong Newark Charter School. The Patriots posted an impressive 30 shots in the game and our goalie recorded a stunning 23 saves in that match. Not only did she make numerous saves, but also had countless punts that were much better than in earlier days of practice. Her overall work in goal caught the attention of many onlookers - fans, the opposing team, and the referees. She had such a stellar performance, the match official made it a point to come over and compliment her ability in goal. For her resilience to work through an injury to get back on the pitch and her commitment to help her team in a very difficult match, we salute our Maroon and Gold Athlete of the Week, Junior Alyssa Pope.