Honoring Mary

In the words of Pope Paul VI, May is “a month which the piety of the faithful has long dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God.”
We gathered as a school community to honor Mary, mother of Jesus, Queen of Heaven, at our annual May Crowning.
As is the tradition at St. Elizabeth School, we recognized those seniors who completed over 200 service hours during their time at St. E as part of our May Crowning Ceremony. Senior, Bridgette Rivers, accumulated 587 service hours over her high school career and crowned Mary in our High School May Crowning ceremony. Meilah Quinn (5th) crowned the Blessed Virgin Mary and Julia Barone (5th) served as crown bearer in our Elementary School May Crowning.
Thank you to all of our students who, by performing service, are living their faith and truly embracing how our ordinary work brings glory to God.
Seniors who have completed 200+ service hours:
Alyssa Pope - 566 hours
Danielle Chapman - 466 hours
Emily Anderson - 387 hours
Claudia Sweeney - 378 hours
Jenna Bozzo - 258 hours
Tucker Maddams - 244 hours
Lauren MacAllister - 220 hours
Brianna Cole - 211 hours