Benedictine Pillars Recognition

We celebrate students and faculty who represent 4 Benedictine Pillars at St. E: Stability, Hospitality, Service & Humility, and Ora et labora.

Hospitality – Freshman, Connor Carter
One of the most visible pillars of Benedictine spirituality at St. Elizabeth High School is the pillar of hospitality. St. Elizabeth prides itself on welcoming all, as we would Christ Himself. It is not uncommon for it to take some time for Vikings to become fully ingrained into the spirit of hospitality. In the case of this Viking, it took less than one month. This Viking has stepped up into a leadership role within his freshman class and has been an integral part of the so-called St. E Welcome Wagon. For his assistance with Back to School Night, his help at the Alumni Block Party, his selflessness in always looking out for his classmates, as well as his willingness to be a vital part of St. Elizabeth High School’s Open House, this month’s Benedictine Pillar recipient for the Pillar of Hospitality is Connor Carter.

Service and Humility -  Senior, Dallis Hill
At the heart of a St. Elizabeth education is to “enter to learn and leave to serve.” Service is not just a word at St. E. It is a way of life. For so many of our students, a willingness to serve is clear. For others, that willingness is at the heart of their person. For this month’s honoree, both service and humility are at the core of everything for which she stands. A Cheer captain, member of the St. Elizabeth Chapter of National Honor Society, and a leader among her peers, this Viking has been a humble, but extraordinary, part of the St. Elizabeth community for years. For her incredible service to her community, this month’s honoree for the Benedictine Pillar of Service & Humility is Dallis Hill.
Ore et Labora - Sophomore, Mackenzie Zoccolillo
The Benedictine principle of “work and prayer” is at the forefront of St. Elizabeth’s mission. Diligent attention to work and the celebration of God’s love is something that should always be acknowledged. This student has been a constant positive presence since arriving at St. E least year. Most recently, she has been a rock for the counseling department, assisting whenever needed. While not always in the limelight, this Viking is an invaluable part of our community. For her work, without the need for affirmation, our September honoree for the the Benedictine Pillar of Ora et Labora is Mackenzie Zoccolillo.
Stability – Junior, Matthew Acholla
When speaking of the Benedictine pillar of stability, it is natural to consider those who feel like they have been at St. Elizabeth for more years than they really have been. This St. Elizabeth student has been a constant and positive presence at St. E. A member of numerous organizations, including the St. Elizabeth Soccer team and Trivia AFP, this Viking has recently begun taking photographs for the Yearbook. This student is dependable, kind, and an exemplar of St. Elizabeth’s mission. For his contributions to the St. E community, this month’s honoree for the pillar of Stability is Matthew Acholla.