Application Process

High School Transfer Applicants

Admissions Process for Prospective Transfer Students

St. Elizabeth School warmly welcomes transfer applicants. All potential transfer students must submit an application that must be reviewed by the Admissions Board. 

In order to be considered for admissions, transfer applicants must submit the following items:
  • Transfer admission application (located under "downloads" on this page)
  • Application fee of $65 (payable to St. Elizabeth School)
  • Applicant Questionnaire & Essay (located under "downloads" on this page)
  • The most recent grade report card
  • The final 8th grade report card
  • All completed high school year transcripts
  • Any standardized test scores (e.g., high school entrance exams, state testing, HSPT, PSATs, SATs)
  • Letter of recommendation (faculty or administration of current school)
  • Current class schedule and proposed class schedule for the next academic year

The above items may be obtained from the student’s present school and must be submitted in order for the student to be considered for admission. Please send the application, applicant questionnaire & essay, the $65 application fee made payable to St. Elizabeth School, and all grade information to:

Admissions Office
St. Elizabeth School
1500 Cedar Street
Wilmington, DE 19805-4249

Please be advised that admission is subject to the following provisions:
a. suitable courses must be available;
b. the student must have attained the minimum academic level required by St. Elizabeth;
c. the student must have a good attendance and disciplinary record

All of this will be taken under review by the Admissions Board and an admission decision will then be made. An interview may be required during the admissions process. If accepted, all transfer students are put on academic, attendance, and disciplinary probation for the first year at St. Elizabeth School. 

If you are interested in seeking financial aid, please complete the online application with School and Student Services (SSS) by NAIS. Once completed, the application and financial documents will be reviewed by the business manager for financial aid consideration.

For more information about the transfer admission process, please contact the Admissions Office at or call 302-656-3369, ext. 3039.