Student Life

The Arts

Self-Expression and Creativity Pre-K through 12

Visual Arts, Music Programs, and the Performing Arts are fundamental parts of the overall student experience at St. Elizabeth. Our Benedictine Performing Arts Center (BPAC) and art studios provide a perfect environment for students to explore their creativity, hone their skills and showcase their work across the Pre-K-12 program.

Our art programs are designed to be inclusive, any student may participate. Most students explore the arts through afternoon activities, during activity period for the Junior High and High School students, and on their own time. Our schedule is planned so students do not have to choose between participating in the arts or another activity, like athletics. 

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  • Music

    The music program at St. Elizabeth promotes an appreciation for music as a discipline and a channel for personal expressional across all grade levels through participation in Lower School Band, Viking Voices, and music ministry. 
  • Visual Arts

    Student artwork is constantly on display, in classrooms, hallways, and at shows and performances on and off campus, showcasing creativity across the K-12 program.
  • Performing Arts

    From small plays and musical programs in Lower School to full-scale dramatic productions in Junior High and High School, St. Elizabeth students grow through active participation and explore creative imagination and self-expression both on and off stage. 

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