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Peer Tutoring and Study Hall

Student-to-Student Peer Relationships

St. Elizabeth High School provides a resource for students who need additional help in their fields of study. Peer Tutoring is our program to supplement education beyond the classroom. One-on-one student relationships can help overcome learning barriers common in early high school years. Students enrolled in the program are partnered with tutors who have demonstrated academic strengths through National Honor Society membership, Honor Roll status, and experience in Honors and Advanced Placement courses.  Tutors reinforce basic skills leading to academic success: study habits, note taking, time management, problem solving techniques, and teacher-student interactions. They help students with understanding classroom lessons, homework assignments, and test preparation.  Sessions are held twice a week during lunch period.

Study Hall

Study Hall is a quiet study that is offered daily to high school students (at no cost) from 2:45-5:45pm. 

Students go to EL Room 2 after dismissal to participate in a faculty-supervised study period while they wait for practices or their rides home. Students are free to study, work on projects, complete homework etc. This system has been put in place in order to provide a quiet and productive place for students to work. 

Study is aviailable to students in grades 8-12.Although study hall is not available to 7th grade students, they may take advantage of our Extended Care Program.

Peer Tutoring Coordinator

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