2nd Grade

2nd Grade Skills

  • Language Arts:
    • Journeys Reading Program
    • 90 minute block to integrate all areas of Language Arts (reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar)
  • Math:
    • McGraw-Hill, My Math Program
    • Focus on double digit addition, subtraction, problem solving skills, money, time, odd, even, surveying, place value, inferences and predictions
  • Social Studies:
    • Savvas, myWorld Interactive Program
    • Focus on wants/needs, Earth, traditions, and Early Americans
  • Science:
    • Focus on tools, plants, animals, life cycles, Earth’s minerals, solar system, weather and matter
  • Religion:
    • Benzinger Program
    • Focus on sacramental preparation (Reconciliation and First Eucharist), parts of the Mass, disciples and Jesus the Savior
  • Special Activity Periods: 
    • Art
    • Computer
    • Library
    • Music
    • Physical Education
    • Spanish

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Janet Buckalew

    Janet Buckalew 

    Teacher - Grade 2
  • Photo of Carole Welch

    Carole Welch 

    Teacher- Art Grades Pre-K-8, Library and Music Grades Pre-K-4
  • Photo of Gullermina Parra

    Gullermina Parra 

    Teacher - Spanish Grades K-8
  • Photo of Gina Sammler

    Gina Sammler 

    Aide - Grades 1-6
  • Photo of Nicholas Cappelli

    Nicholas Cappelli 

    Teacher - Gym, Computer, Music