Why Choose St. E?

    • Inspired by the Teachings of St. Benedict: A St. Elizabeth School Education

Benedictine Spirit

Steeped in Catholic tradition and rooted in the teachings of St. Benedict, St. Elizabeth School instills in our students the importance of prayer and work, hospitality, service and humility, and stability--the Benedictine Pillars. 
    • Prayer and Work: Students recognize individual gifts and talents, using them to make a difference in their own lives and in the world. 
    • Hospitality: Students welcome all into the Viking family, creating an inclusive, close-knit community.
    • Service and Humility: Students are conscious of their relationship to the world and sensitive to the needs of self and others, becoming humble leaders of the future. 
    • Stability: Students demonstrate character, integrity, and responsibility, exemplifying excellence in all that they do.

Viking Pride

More than just a school, St. Elizabeth fosters personal and communal pride. Offering rich traditions of success in academics, athletics, arts, and a broad range of other activities, St. E guarantees to provide you with the experiences that you will be proud of not only during your time here, but also as you continue on to the next chapters in life. 
    • Academics: Diverse and engaging course offerings build a foundation for students to become creative, life-long learners.
    • Athletics: From intramural to CYM to varsity athletics, St. Elizabeth offers inclusive programs centered around teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.
    • Arts: Visual and Performing Arts offerings are an integral part of the student experience, encouraging all to showcase their creativity.
    • Activities: Through an array of clubs and activities, St. Elizabeth supports student interests and encourages students to combine passion with leadership.

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