Why Choose St. E?

Our Mission is to Educate, Engage, and Empower Students Pre-K 3 - 12th

Steeped in the tradition of St. Benedict, the word ‘hospitality’ is a quality exemplified every day through the routine actions and interactions of our students and faculty. It is at the core of our values with service, spirituality, and 21st century skills as our focus.

Our students are challenged and nutured, whether learning about core fundamentals in our lower school or navigating a rigorous academic program with a college-prep focus in our high school, our students are consistently striving to reach their full potential. Our visual and performing arts program fosters creative discovery, and our athletic program and co-curricular activities and clubs contribute to the overall learning experience for students. St. Elizabeth School provides students the opportunity to cultivate lifelong relationships with faculty, peers, and alumni who will challenge and support them throughout their education. Our caring community of faculty and staff encourages students to be conscious of their relationship to the world, to be sensitive to the needs of others, and to become leaders in the community.
We are proud to offer our students a safe environment in which to explore, to excel, and to pursue their dreams. Start the video below…and see for yourself!

Profile of a St. Elizabeth Student

St. Elizabeth students exemplify Benedictine Spirit and Viking Pride and:

  • Center themselves in God and look to Him for assistance and complete fulfillment.
  • Love God, themselves, and their neighbors, and recognize and acknowledge Jesus in their fellow human beings.
  • Exhibit strong character and integrity in all that they do.
  • Make choices that are ethically sound and that reflect Christian principles and beliefs.
  • Have a purpose in life and work toward it, eager to make a difference in their own lives and in the world.
  • Appreciate their own talents and develop them fully by choosing appropriate and promising academic and career paths.
  • Exhibit a work ethic characterized by diligence, perseverance, and punctuality, with excellence as a goal.
  • Accept, value, and appreciate all groups of people, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or creed and regard them as their equals.

Explore Our Upper School View Book

As our Vikings approach graduation, listen to them reflect on their experience at St. Elizabeth School.

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