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While elementary school students have the opportunity to participate in our theatre productions and in a variety of teacher-led activities, our High School students can actively decide which clubs they want to devote their time and interest to. While student government, community service, and the arts remain at the center of our student activities, the evolving interests of our students spark other clubs.

St. Elizabeth supports an endless amount of student interests by providing the opportunity to form clubs that will support virtually any interest as students explore leadership roles while sharing areas of passion with their peers.

High School Clubs & Activities

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  • Academic Bowl

    The Academic Bowl is a fast-paced quiz game designed to sharpen students' listening, thinking, and quick-recall ability. Questions test students' knowledge of all academic disciplines, current events, and general culture. Membership is open to all students. New members may join at any time during the season, which begins in September and concludes at the end of January. 

    Practices are held during activity period. All members are stronly encouraged to attend regularly. The six schools in the Catholic Conference compete for the league championship. The prize for first place is awarded at the end of the tournament, which is held annually at St. Elizabeth during Catholic Schools week.

  • American Sign Language (ASL)

    The Viking ASL Club is concerned with learning and promoting American Sign Language, building a respect for Deaf culture, and improving communication skills in a safe environment by offering skill buildng workshops, outreach projects, and social events. 
  • B+ Club

    The St. Elizabeth chapter of the B+ Foundation was founded last year. We work to eliminate childhood cancer, fund research, and participate in great activities. B+ started after Andrew McDonough, a student at Salesianum battled and died from cancer. His family continues to work to raise awareness of childhood cancer. At St. E we have dress down days, B+ breakfasts, community service, and meetings to plan events and ideas. This year we are hoping to add a leaf raking neighborhood service day and a basketball tournament. Join us during activity period!
  • Band

    St. Elizabeth School, in conjunction with Northeastern Music Company, offers band lessons to students in grades 4-12. Band is available to students of all ability levels. An instructor from Northeastern provides a 45-minute lessons once a week, as well as a full band rehearsal each week. The St. Elizabeth Band performs two concerts each year, one in the winter and one in the spring, and also performs in Church before the Christmas Pageant. Band is not included in tutition fees.
  • Blue*Gold/Project Unify

    Known as the Delaware Foundation Reaching Citizens with Intellectual DisABILITIES, DFRC has raised millions of dollars over the years through its signature fundraising events starting with the Blue-Gold All*Star Game in 1956. The mission of DFRC and its volunteers is to provide opportunities to promote understanding of people with cognitive disabilities. Each year with the help of volunteers, high school student committees, community participants, individual contributors, and corporate sponsors, DFRC raises thousands of dollars to support programs that encourage individuals with cognitive disabilities to maximize their potential, independence and enjoyment of life. 

    In 1996, St. Elizabeth began a Blue*Gold Week. Many events are held during this week to heighten awareness of children with cognitive disabilities. The St. E Blue*Gold Club is open to all students. Students select a committee (Lower School Education, Merchandise Sales, Baked Sales, etc.) on which they can contribute their time, meet with the Blue*Gold leaders heading that committee, and do the job for which they volunteered. Our student body averages about 85% participation in these events, resulting in St. Elizabeth earning recognition from the Blue-Gold All*Star Committee with multiple "Touch Love" awards.
  • Book Club

    The St. Elizabeth Book Club is for students who love to read. The club focuses on reading for its own sake, as there are no quizzes, only friendly discussions amongst fellow bibliophiles. Students are involved in recommending books to read, voting on recommendations, and discussing their opinions on the texts.
  • Campus Ministry

    St. Elizabeth Campus Ministry serves to foster a sense of Christian values, maintains a strong Catholic identity, and encourages service in the school community and beyond. Students assist the school as readers, cantors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, and altar servers at the various school liturgies and prayer services. Campus Ministry, and its faculty team, also organizes and facilitates all class retreats and the Kairos Retreat Program.

    In addition, Campus Ministry is dedicated to service within the local Wilmington community. Campus Ministry endeavors to integrate learning by becoming involved in meaningful service projects with community organizations which promote social responsibility. We work to develop young people into responsible and fulfilled human begins by giving opportunities that will develop Christian character. Student service projects reinforce "hands on" experiences which allow students to take an active part in organized experiences that meet actual community needs.

    Campus Ministry coordinates daily prayer, and seasonal prayer services for the entire school community. We offer service opportunities throughout the year and in the summer, with our service trips for both ladies and gentlemen. 
  • Chess Club

    The Chess Club offers students a skills activity that is both entertaining and educational. The club meets during activity period and is open to students of all skill levels. Tournaments and competitive play are available to all members. Students not only play chess on the traditional chess board but, they are also given the opportunity to experience 3D chess on their iPads as well as competition from outside competitors.
  • Chorus/Viking Voices

    Vikings Voices is the student chorus group of the school. Students in the group rehearse together for music performances in the school and around the community. Participation helps students gain an appreciation for the arts and develop a sense of teamwork and self-confidence.

    Membership is open to all students, and freshmen who enjoy singing are encouraged to participate. All members have the opportunity to audition for the Delaware All-State High School Chorus. Several recent Viking alums have earned a place on this prestigious chorus. 

    In addition to various concerts and appearances at school and around the community, many members of the group also sing at school Masses and prayer services, as well as the All-Catholic Christmas Concert in December.
  • Environmental Stewards

    The Environmental Club encourages students to develop an appreciation for nature. Through publicity and work-action, the group fosters the school's sustainable use of resources. The club promotes the school recycling program which includes the collection of cans, bottles, and classroom paper. The school's Delaware Adopt-a-Highway cleanup is performed multiple times each school year. The group also explores green lifestyles, makes homemade soaps, plants flowers, and take nature walks. They also do neighborhood cleanup throughout the year. Environmental Club meets during activity period once a month and more frequently when necessary.
  • Envirothon Club

    The Environthon is an environmental science competition held in the spring for all Delaware schools. Students participate in an integrated exploration of five natural resource areas: aquatic ecology, forestry, land use, wildlife and renewable energy. Students test their creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork by solving problems in a competitive format. Teams work in the field at rotating testing stations answering questions, solving problems and presenting researched material. During the competition, students work with experts and specialists who help further their knowledge of the subject. Five Saturdays are required training with state teams and experts in the field.

    The group meets during activity period and more frequently when needed.
  • Scholastica Mentoring

    Scholastica Mentoring is a bridge program that pairs St. E High School students with St. E lower school students to serve as mentors during the transition from lower, to junior high, to high school.The high school students strive to make a difference in the lives of their assigned lower school students through academics, friendship, and confidence. The program gives high school students an opportunity to experience the fundamentals of a future career dealing with children. Community service hours are awarded to those students in the program.

  • International Club

    The mission of the International Club is to provide educational opportunities outside of the classroom for students interested in learning about culture and communities around the world. Our members are welcome to share their personal experiences living or traveling in another country or express their curiosity to gain an international view of the world. All students are welcome!
  • Jefferson Students in Action

    The Jefferson Awards Students in Action team at St. Elizabeth is a youth leadership program that comes underneath the national Jefferson Awards Foundation. Students in Action challenge students to think big, choose their own public service project to share with the entire school and broader communities. St. E's SIA team recognizes students on a monthly basis for outstanding service in their local community, offers service opportunities for current students, and creates occurrences for leadership development. Some of the group's fundraisers and events include participation in:
    To Write Love On Her Arms- an organization that provides hope for those suffering from depression, addiciton, self-injury, or suicide
    Christmas Card Collection- which benefits St. Jude's Ranch in Arizona
    Blue*Gold Week events- which benefits DFRC
    Various food collections throughout the year

    In the fall, students attend a leadership conference at the University of Delaware and in the spring students present their "year's portfolio" at a statewide competition to earn a banner for the school.
  • Maker-Space Projects

  • Math League

    The Math League is a club organized for students who enjoy mathematics and problem solving. Students are given the opportunity to test their skills against students from local schools.

    There are two high school leagues: one for 9th grade students and one for 10th-12th grade students. Junior high students compete on 7th and 8th grade teams. Membership is open to all students in the respective classes. Practice sessions are held during activity period to help prepare students to represent St. Elizabeth at regional meets. Four meets are held from November to February. Teams and individuals qualify for the state invitational in Dover based on regional performances. 
  • Mock Trial

    Mock Trial is a challenging, nation-wide competition in which students portray attorneys and witnesses in arguing a legal case before a judge and a jury made up of lawyers. This educational program is a unique opportunity for students to learn the principles of the American judiciary system.

    Mock Trial is open to all students in all grade levels. Students portraying attorneys must become familiar with the legal aspects of the case and courtroom protocol. They must develop skill in questioning of witnesses and in stating their case to the jury. Those portraying witnesses must learn the witness roles thoroughly, grasp the legal issues involved, and display the acting skills necessary to make believable witnesses. The team is assisted by an experienced attorney-advisor.

    Competition is held in the New Castle County Court House at the end of February. They compete in preliminary rounds on Friday and Saturday with the opportunity to proceed to the state championship round Saturday afternoon. The top team in Delaware goes to the National Mock Trial competition in May.
  • National Honor Society

    St. Elizabeth High School maintains a chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS). Junior and senior students who have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher are eligible scholastically for the school's chapter of the National Honor Society. Students are also judged on leadership qualities, character traits, service to others, positive attitude, good citizenship in the school and outside community.
  • National Junior Honor Society

    St. Elizabeth School maintains a chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). Students in grades 7 and 8 who have maintained either a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher or an overall average of 90% or higher meet the scholastic pillar. Students are also judged on the pillars of service, leadership, character, and citizenship in the school and in the community.
  • Pep Club

    Along with planning Spirit Week and hosting the Homecoming Dance in the fall, Pep Club is responsible for generating enthusiam and school spirit throughout the year. The club's goal is to develop and foster a sense of pride and excitement within the school's sporting events, holidays, and other notable events. While the club usually meets during activity period, lunch meeting and after school meetings are required leading up to important functions. All students are welcome to join Pep Club.

  • Ping Pong Club

    The Ping Pong Club offers students a skills activity that is both entertaining and
    challenging. The club meets during Activity Period in the second semester of the year. Seniors maintain and operate the club, and enrollment is limited.
  • Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad provides students with an opportunity to develop analytical and problem-solving skills. Following guidelines from the Delaware State Science Olympiad, students select projects that match their interests and conduct research and design solutions in preparation for those particular events. Their solutions are brought to the statewide competition in the spring. Science Olympiad meets during activity period.
  • Smart Drive

    SmartDrive is a Junior/Senior activity that works with young drivers to help them make the right decisions every time they are behind the wheel of their car so they will never put themselves, their passengers or their vehicles in harm’s way.
    The heart of the program is an online instructional program that is available to all high school students regionally. Students complete three monthly “modules” that include objective true and false, multiple choice and essay questions presented in an entertaining and challenging multimedia format. Students accumulate points as they complete the various sections. The winning student in each region in each school year receives a $2,000 post-secondary scholarship. Other students receive cash and merchandise prizes. The three schools with the highest percentage of participation in each region will win cash awards to be used for prom-related expenses.
  • Stage Crew

    Stage Crew members operate light and sound equipment in the auditorium, gym,
    and elsewhere as needed. They assist with the production of the Variety Show,
    Fall Theatrical Production, Spring Musical, assemblies, pep rallies, etc. setting
    up and handling all equipment. Members gain practical knowledge and
    experience with technology and practices of theater operations.
  • Student Leadership Group (SLG)

    The Student Leadership Group (SLG) serves as the liaison between the faculty and the student body and helps to foster harmony within the school community. The SLG helps the administration to set school policy by giving input on matters such as uniform codes, assemblies, cafeteria menu, dress down days, discipline, etc.

    Students, grades 7-12, are elected by peers and faculty. Members cannot be on academic, disciplinary or attendance probation. Members receiving more than five demerits or missing three functions are dismissed from the SLG.

    The SLG assembles several times each month for various activities and formal meetings during the day, at lunch, during activity period, and after school.

    The SLG sponsors or participates in any school activities, including Catholic Schools Week, hallway decorating, pretzel snack sales, school representation in community/diocesan functions, as aides for PTA, course selection, Freshman orientation nights, exchanges with other schools and Delaware Association of Student Councils, Homecoming and Spirit Week activities, Maroon & Gold Athlete of the Week, Student of the Week, Open House, Freshman Blue Rocks BBQ, and the Senior-Freshman Buddy Program.
  • Student Publications

    The staff of Cedar Street the student literary and art magazine, accepts for publication writing pieces, photographs and artwork submitted by students.  The staff of the magazine is responsible for collecting and editing submissions as well as doing the digital layout of the print and online magazine.  All students are invited to submit artwork, poetry, short stories, essays, photographs, and art for consideration.  Cedar Street is published each spring.
    The Magnificat is  the school yearbook designed and published each year by the students in the MultiMedia Yearbook/Journalism class. Student editors are responsible for choosing the theme and cover of the book and for the design and digital layout of the photographs, artwork, and text which comprise the book.
  • Student Techs

    Student techs have two main objectives. The first is to be able to troubleshoot and support technology on campus and the school's information systems. Instruction includes working on PCs, iPads, servers, and some network design. The second goal is to expose students to the technologies they're interested in and discuss technology topics.
  • Summer Service Trips

    To acknowledge the Benedictine pillar Dignity of Work, St. E offers two summer service trips each year, one for girls and one for boys.  Traditionally the trips take place in mid-June through early July.  Students who are currently in their sophomore or junior year are eligible for application to the summer programs.  Completion of the program fulfills 30 service hours of the 60-hour graduation requirement.  In years past, the boys’ program stayed off site to gain exposure to the various needs of others and how we can give back to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  This past summer, the boys stayed on campus and provided service to organizations in the Wilmington area as well as the St. E community.  The girls’ trip has focused on our relationship with the retired Benedictine Sisters located at St. Gertrude Monastery in Ridgely, MD, since their order founded our school community, while also giving attention to the needs at St. Martin's Ministry. Recently the project has focused on the Oblate Sisters of St. Francis de Sales and their needs at Mount Aviat Academy and the surrounding community. The trips have a retreat-like feel which allows time for prayer, reflection and the idea of being in community with one another while still having a lot of fun and excitement through the bonding of faculty, students, and recipients.  
  • Theatre Group (Cedar Street Players)

    Cedar Street Players is a group that produces a Fall play and a Spring musical. This group is made up of singers, dancers, actors, and tech crew members. It rehearses 2-3 days a week after school. Members of this group do not need previous experience in theater. Membership is open to anyone who is willing to try.
  • Variety Show

    The annual Variety Show is a student produced talent show the showcase the school's activities and individual or group talents. School groups like the Chorus, Dance Team, Cheerleaders, and Theatre Company perform along with individual acts that include singing, dancing, martial arts, animation, or playing instruments. This talent show is open to students of all grades. It rehearses two days after school the week of the performance. There are two shows; one at night for family and friends, and one during the school day for the student body.
  • Viking Ambassadors

    Viking Ambassadors represent St. Elizabeth School throughout the year at various school events, including Open House, middle school visits, new student orientation, and more. These students meet throughout the school year to plan and prepare for events and to brainstorm new ideas. Ambassadors are students who are eager to share what it truly means to be a member of VKNation! 
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  • Yearbook

    The Magnificat is  the school yearbook designed and published each year by the students in the MultiMedia  Yearbook/Journalism class. Student editors are responsible for choosing the theme and cover of the book and for the design and digital layout of the photographs, artwork, and text which comprise the book.

Elementary School Clubs & Activities

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    Dean of Student Life, Science Teacher, Head Soccer Coach