7th Grade

7th Grade Curriculum

  • Language Arts:
    • Houghton Mifflin, Into Literature Program
    • 90 minute block to integrate all areas of Language Arts (reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary and grammar)
  • Math:
    • McGraw-Hill, Glencoe Math Program
    • Focus on integer operations, rational number operations, percents, ratios, rates, proportional relationships, solving simple inequalities and equations, samples, populations, statistics, probability, angles, area, volume and surface area
  • Social Studies:
    • McGraw-Hill/National Geographic Society, The American Republic to 1877
    • Focus on U.S. History from the first Americans to the Civil War, including the exploration of the Americas, colonial settlement and the American Revolution
  • Science:
    • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Science Dimensions Program
    • Focus on life science topics such as cells, organisms as systems, reproduction, heredity, matter & energy in living systems, ecosystems, biodiversity, fossil record, evolution and inheritance
  • Religion:
    • Sadlier, We Live Our Faith Program
    • Focus on a deeper understanding of God and Jesus, the sacraments and living as Christ’s disciples
  • Special Activity Periods:
    • Art
    • Physical Education
    • Spanish (three times per week)
    • STEM Extension once a week

List of 6 members.

  • Maribeth Low 

    Teacher - Grade 5-8 Math & Science
  • Photo of Edward Graney

    Edward Graney 

    Teacher - Grade 7-8 Social Studies & ELA
  • Photo of Andrew Turulski

    Andrew Turulski 

    Teacher - Grade 5-8 Math & Science
  • Photo of Carole Welch

    Carole Welch 

    Teacher- Art Grades Pre-K-8, Library & Music Grades Pre-K-4
  • Photo of Jennifer Hunt

    Jennifer Hunt 

    Scholastica Academic Resource Coordinator & Reading Specialist
  • Photo of Michael Ockimey

    Michael Ockimey 

    Teacher - Gym, Technology, World Language Moderator