Fall Play Interest Meeting

Main - Benedictine Performing Arts Center - BPAC
Announcing the 2021 Fall Play!

Interest Meeting/Audition Materials:
Friday, September 10th
3-330pm in BPAC

Auditions: Monday 9/20 & Tuesday 9/21
3pm-5pm (or earlier)

Callbacks (if needed):
Thursday 9/23 3pm-5pm (or earlier)

For more information please contact Performing Arts Director, Ms. Chloe Boggs.

In a big old house, Ashgirl lives huddled deep in the protection of an
ashy hearth. With her mother dead and her father away, she lives
with her stepmother and two stepsisters. When the invitation to the
ball arrives from the prince, Ashgirl finds the strength to go with the
help of her friends, some of whom come from unexpected places.
When she gets home, Ashgirl realizes that in order to regain the
fleeting happiness she found in the arms of the prince, she must
fight the monsters who have slithered and insinuated their way into
her heart and mind. She must believe in herself for others to do so.
"An ambitious play with hints of the Brothers Grimm, medieval
allegory...it has a quirky originality...” Ash Girl is prey to self-doubt
and is under the thumb of her stepmother, while her prince is an exile
isolated and unhappy in his new country. It is even suggested that
the forest en route to the palace is populated by an animalized
version of the Seven Deadly Sins, which are out to destroy humanity.
Including Sadness, who tries to tempt Ashgirl towards death, and
battles with the Fairy in the Mirror for her soul.