Kindergarten Skills

The Kindergarten program focuses on first grade readiness while building self-help skills through a multisensory and engaging curriculum. Lessons are presented through group instruction but time is allotted for individual attention.
  • Language Arts:
  • Instruction is based upon the Journeys Reading Program
  • Curriculum focuses on reading readiness, sight words, pronunciation, sounding, blending, literature, vocabulary, main idea, setting, and characters

  • Math:
  • Instruction is based upon the McGraw-Hill, My Math program
  • Curriculum focuses on math vocabulary, shapes, patterns, counting, base tens, beginning addition, and subtraction

  • Science/Social Studies:
  • Lessons are incorporated within the unit the class is focusing on with much hands-on instruction and discovery

  • Religion:
  • Focus on God’s love for us, Jesus and church

  • Special Activity Periods:
  • Art
  • Computer
  • Library
  • Music
  • Physical Education (two times per week)
  • Spanish

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Colleen Craighton

    Colleen Craighton 

    Teacher - Kindergarten
  • Photo of Diana Crozier

    Diana Crozier 

    Aide - Kindergarten
  • Photo of Carole Welch

    Carole Welch 

    Teacher- Art Grades Pre-K-8, Library & Music Grades Pre-K-4
  • Photo of Michael Ockimey

    Michael Ockimey 

    Teacher - Gym, Technology, World Language Moderator