Upper School May Crowning

As Catholics we dedicate the month of May to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Friday, May 3rd was a beautiful day to celebrate our Upper School May Crowning.  Seniors who have accumulated over 300+ service hours were recognized and participated in the crowning of Mary.  St. Elizabeth takes pride in our M.A.N.N.A program, which emphasizes the importance of student leadership and service to others in the community.

The 2019 Senior Class completed 16,500+ hours of community service through the MANNA program. 
The 19 seniors honored at the May Crowning completed  300+ hours of community service. 

Congratulations to our M.A.N.N.A leaders:

May Queen: Isabel Casey
Escort: Ethan Downs

Jacob Cierniak
Angelina Degnars
Chase Dunlap
Samantha Gallucio
Will Harrell
Jillian Hendricks
Erica Hicks
Sean Holly
Lauren Miller
Elaina Neri
Mary Nottingham
Trinity Revels
Zoe Ryan
Shea Sweeney
Christopher Szczerba
Nicholas Wecht
Ava Woolley