Vikings Help Spread the Blue-Gold Spirit

On Friday, June 21st eight St. Elizabeth High School students participated in the 64th Annual DFRC Blue-Gold All-Star Football Game at the University of Delaware Stadium.
The game features most of the best high school senior football players in the state, along with cheerleaders, a band and a group of student ambassadors. These student participants play a vital role in the success of the DFRC Blue-Gold program and the DFRC mission to enrich the lives of Delawareans with intellectual disABILITIES. A central feature surrounding the game is the Hand-in-Hand program, where the students are matched up with “buddies” and participate in various activities and events throughout the year.
Earlier in the year, St. Elizabeth School hosted its annual Blue-Gold Week and raised over $8,000 to benefit the DFRC program. St. Elizabeth has been partnering with DFRC for years, and is a family tradition for most participants. It is a cause that is prominent throughout St. Elizabeth community and we thank our students who embody the DFRC values and for proudly representing the VKNation at this year’s game.
2019 Blue-Gold Participants:
Football players: Ray Jones, Thomas Zatalava, Jaegar Wesley
Senior Ambassadors: Isabel Casey, Shea Sweeney and Ryan Woodham
Junior Ambassadors: Kylee Mulrooney, Tyler Tillinghast, Jazmine Winters