Reading is Fun... Just Ask Ms. Denning!

If you stop by Ms. Denning's first grade classroom, you'll notice an inviting new space in the room.

Ms. Denning is thrilled to share her new lower school initiative. She is starting a book club called “Leaders in Literacy”! Each month, students will receive a book from the Scholastic Book Club and will complete a project using the book. Students then get to take the books home and build their own library. How cool is that?

This is a great addition to our Upper School Book Club. The club focuses on reading for its own sake, as there are no quizzes, only friendly discussions amongst fellow bibliophiles. Students are involved in recommending books to read, voting on recommendations, and discussing their opinions on the texts. 

With the start of the Leaders in Literacy, students can begin to explore a love for reading and different genres. Their inspiration and creativity will continue to grow as they advance in their academic careers and transition into the Upper School Book Club. Not only is reading fun, but it is important to the overall foundation of a child's education. We are proud to offer these programs and engage students in a world of possibilities.