Benedictine Pillars Recognition

Each month we celebrate students and faculty who represent 4 Benedictine Pillars at St. E: Stability, Hospitality, Service & Humility, and Prayer & Work.
Hospitality – Freshman, Jenna Bozzo
When the kindergarten teacher requested assistance with her class at the end of the day, this student didn’t miss a beat.  She went right down to lend a hand – and a smile.  She has continued to assist every day at dismissal.  For embodying the open arms and bounty of our community, this Benedictine Pillar is presented to Jenna Bozzo.

Service and Humility -  Senior, Eugene Baker
This student volunteered his time to assist the 8th graders as they created their Christmas themed doors after school for three days. He wasn't asked to do this; he responded on his own when he saw the students working. He came each day to supervise, support, and encourage the students. He embodied Jesus Christ, providing service to those in need. He also provided a much needed role model of a high school student reaching out to Junior High students. When thanked, he replied humbly that he is happy to help others.   Sometimes, the smallest of acts are the most profound.  For embodying the model of leadership embodied by Jesus Christ – service to all in need, this Benedictine Pillar is presented to Eugene Baker

Work and Prayer - Sophomore, Mia Williams
This young lady, along with her mother, came to the aid of a father and his daughters.  She witnessed a car accident where a 7th grader at another school injured.  While her mother instinctively ran to the victim, the St. E student ran too -- to the car where a baby sibling was left in the car. This young lady sat with the child and provided comfort until the father could return.  For embodying how our ordinary daily work brings glory to God, this Benedictine Pillar is presented to Mia Williams.

Stability – Anna Mazalewski, Kaleigh Reilly, Maddison Merrill, Mackenzie Sweeney, Kylee Mulrooney
When a senior homeroom door didn’t get decorated for Christmas, this group of girls took it upon themselves to do the decorating.  In doing so, they showed commitment to our school community and our traditions. For their dedicated participation in our common life and activities, and for embodying the bricks and mortar of our community, this Benedictine Pillar is presented to Anna Mazalewski, Maddison Merrill, Kaleigh Reilly, Kylee Mulrooney and Mackenzie Sweeney.