Innovative Learning: Enrichment Clusters

New to our curriculum, our lower school students take learning to the next level in Enrichment Clusters.
What are Enrichment Clusters?
Enrichment Clusters permit groups of students who possess a common interest to work together during a specific period of time each week in order to generate an authentic product, performance, or service. Students are immersed in highly engaging learning activities that ask them to create, to apply, to innovate, and to solve real-world problems. These authentic learning opportunities are designed to be enjoyable and challenging because they are driven by genuine student enthusiasm. St. Elizabeth faculty and staff members serve as guides and teachers in each Enrichment Cluster.
Students have been organized into three cohorts for Enrichment Clusters: Kindergarten, 1st - 3rd grades, and 4th - 6th grades. This means that students in the same cohort will be working with peers in other grades. Just before the winter holiday break, students voted on Enrichment Clusters offered by the St. Elizabeth staff. Whether students are exploring the world of cooking, carpentry, sculpting, or music, they are certain to experience a deep love of learning.
Enrichment Clusters are held during the normal school hours for nine consecutive weeks on Thursdays. The academic schedule is amended to allow for a one hour Enrichment Cluster, but all regular classes still meet.
Enrichment Topics:
Sensory Walk (K)
Let's Get Cooking (1-3)
We've Got the Beat (1-3)
Amazing Art Adventure (1-3)
Basic Carpentry (4-6)
Baking Bonanza (4-6)
Sensational Sculpting (4-6)

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