Vikings Take Action

Student spotlight of the week for our #ActsofKindness Spirit Challenge: Junior, Abbie Townsend!
Together, Abbie and her mom, Rebecca, have been sewing masks for local nursing homes and hospitals as part of the initiative of the Facebook group "Help for Healthcare Workers Delaware". The group was started on March 20, 2020 and as of today has almost 2,000 members that have created nearly 5,000 masks to local healthcare centers. The group has volunteers like Abbie and her mom who are sewing masks, in addition to others who are delivery drivers dropping off the masks to healthcare locations.

These are our Vikings, just doing their part to help in this time of uncertainty. Thank you Abbie & Mrs. Townsend! #VikingsatHome #VKNation #ActsofKindness

If you are a current parent or a family member of a current student who is in the healthcare field, please email with your name, job title and short blurb about your profession. The VKNation is working on a plan to show our appreciation for our healthcare workers and we'd love to include you on our list! Stay safe and healthy!