Benedictine Pillars Recognition

Each month we celebrate students and faculty who represent 4 Benedictine Pillars at St. E: Stability, Hospitality, Service & Humility, and Prayer & Work.
Hospitality – 8th Grade, Caitlyn Kowalski
As we begin this school year, there are many new aspects to our routine. Our school embraces COVID-19 safety protocols, a new educational hybrid model, and many new faces in our hallways and classrooms. Caitlyn has gone above and beyond to make some of her new classmates feel welcome, at home, and part of the family here at St. E. The stress or anxiety of a new school, a new normal have been lessened thanks to her constant smile and hospitable demeanor. Caitlyn has helped her classmates learn how to open their lockers, guided them to the right classroom each period, and simply engaged them in conversation with the reassurance that they are now member of the VKNation. For embodying the open arms and bounty of our community - the Benedictine Pillar of HOSPITALITY is awarded to Caitlyn Kowalski.

Service and Humility -  Senior, Krishna Desai
Add to the normal senior year stressors - a COVID pandemic, a hybrid school year, and social justice and climate issues to ponder, it's a wonder high school seniors can juggle all that is currently required of them. So, what is one St. E senior searching for? More service opportunities. Not for graduation - she already has more than enough MANNA hours for that. Not for NHS - she is already a member and officer. But because that is just who she is in spirit, a young person who, despite all the serious issues swirling in the world today, chooses to focus on humility and service to others. For exemplifying what Christian "service to all in need" is all about, the Benedictine Pillar of SERVICE & HUMILITY is awarded to Krishna Desai.
Work and Prayer - Junior, Tamia Howard
Tamia played an instrumental role in the execution of the 2020 Leadership Night and Freshman Welcome Event. She assisted in the planning and enthusiastically led small group sessions. Everything she does, whether in the classroom, in athletic competition, or in the hallway is work for God's greater glory. For embodying how our ordinary daily work brings glory to God,  the Benedictine Pillar for PRAYER & WORK is warded to Tamia Howard.
Stability – Senior, Eboni Wolfrey
Eboni has been passionate and vocal, yet respectful when it comes to her commitment to St. E - to our students, our history, and our traditions. She actively participates in a variety of school activities and truly balances her dedication to community by being an agent of change - encouraging us to grow. For embodying the bricks and mortar of our community, the Benedictine Pillar of STABILITY goes to Eboni Wolfrey.