Student Accomplishments Highlighted at Opening School Assembly

We recognized many high school students at our Awards Ceremonies on Thursday, September 24 and Friday, September 25, 2020.
Normally we welcome back our students by celebrating the opening school mass together with the entire student body, but this year we celebrated with two separate award ceremonies in Church. Keeping with tradition, we held Upper School Awards Ceremonies to recognize achievements from the 2019-2020 school year, such as AP scholars, highest class rankings and many more. 

College Board AP qualifyin
g scores:
(Not listed: Class of 2020 qualifying scores in these and other Senior – only AP subjects.)
AP Biology: Andrew Spychalski
AP Calculus: Daniel Steenkamer
AP Environmental Science: Wesley Gant, Matthew Kennedy, Stephanie Shields, Ayanna Campbell
AP Psychology: Joanna Chapman, Megan Chapman, Peter Chapman, Tristen Hudson, Kylie Roderick
AP US History: Joseph Castelli, Krishna Desai, Sara Mejia, Stephanie Shields, Daniel Steenkamer, Keira Walsh, Mackenzie White

Highest Grade Point Averages 2019-2020

Class of 2023 Highest Average:
Danielle Chapman 4.31
Lauren MacAllister 4.31
Bridgette Rivers 4.31
Jessica Shields 4.31
Claudia Sweeney 4.31
Class of 2022 Highest Average:
Joanna Chapman 4.66
Megan Chapman 4.66
Peter Chapman 4.66
Tristen Hudson 4.66

Class of 2021 Highest Average:
Stephanie Shields 4.54