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Meeting a Need Now and Always

MANNA – Meeting A Need Now and Always – is designed to expose students to the concept that service to others must be an integral part of Christian life.  Jesus set an example for us to follow.  By serving others now, students can build on this foundation the rest of their lives.  Volunteering to help others reflects Christ's love for all people. Therefore, students must complete a service project commitment in order to receive a diploma.  This commitment involves a minimum of sixty hours of service, which should be completed before the beginning of senior year. 

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Summer Service Trip

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  • Q: What is the program in which the students are involved?

    The students will live together in accommodations provided by the site hosts, and will complete projects that serve the mission of the community and improve the well-being of those who are served by their ministry. Work projects range from organization and painting to landscaping and mentor guided construction. Some opportunities will also be available for Vikings to directly serve individuals in need.
  • Q: Where does the program take place?

    The program aims to serve the needs of both our local community and communities with whom we have a collaborative relationship. The lady Vikings serve with the Oblate Sisters of St. Francis de Sales, in their ministries at Mt. Aviat Academy in Maryland. The gentlemen Vikings give their time in service to our school and parish community, getting an advance start on the summer maintenance projects on our campus. Each group stays on site throughout the duration of the program. 
  • Q: When does the program take place?

    Two trips are offered, one for ladies and one for gentlemen.  Traditionally, the trips have taken place in early to mid-June and early July.  Dates for the summer of 2018 are as follows: Girls trip is scheduled for Monday, June 18th through Thursday, June 21st. The boys trip is scheduled for Monday, June 25th through Friday, June 29th. Trips are led by Campus Ministry leaders.
  • Q: Who is eligible to participate in this program?

    Students who are currently in their junior year are given priority. If space is available, the program is opened to sophomore applicants.  The program fulfills 30 service hours of the 60 hour graduation requirement.
  • Q: How is the program financed?

    St. Elizabeth High School finances the majority portion of the program, and students are asked to pay $185 to partially cover the costs associated with consumables and travel expenses.  
Additional opportunities arise throughout the course of the academic year. Students are encouraged to check the MANNA board posting outside Room 206.